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What is FirstClass?

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The FirstClass Collaboration Suite is a powerful set of integrated applications that enables businesses and learning organizations to create collaborative online communities that securely connect people and resources via any Internet-accessible device. FirstClass enhances communication and collaboration within a secure, networked environment with applications such as e-mail, instant messaging, calendars, contact management, workgroup collaboration, document sharing, file storage, web publishing, blogging, podcasting, and unified voice and fax messaging.

The Unified Communications option seamlessly converges user's email, voice and fax messages into their FirstClass mailbox. This provides users with wide range of ways to access all of their messages via the device of their choice including cell phone, telephone, personal computer, web browser and personal digital assistant - anytime, anywhere. Imagine having the ability to listen to your email over your cell phone or traditional telephone. Imagine responding to emails with your own voice while walking down the street. Think of the convenience of listening to your new voice messages at the same time you read all your new email messages. Think of the benefits of viewing a fax while you're in your hotel room even though it was sent to your office miles away. FirstClass Unified Communications makes all of this possible.

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